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What makes this event different?

Are you tired of attending home care conferences where you're bombarded with information but left with little time to digest and implement it?

Do you find entrepreneurship to be a lonely path, with few opportunities to truly connect with like-minded individuals who understand your struggles?

Welcome to The Home Care Champions Experience, where we're revolutionizing the conference experience.

We understand the challenges entrepreneurs face and have crafted an event that addresses these issues head-on. Say goodbye to information overload and isolation – and hello to meaningful connections and actionable insights.


Phenomenal Speakers and Content

Our lineup features top-tier speakers delivering practical, actionable insights to help you grow and thrive in all areas of your home care business.

Ample Networking Time

We understand the value of connections, which is why we've built plenty of networking opportunities into our agenda. From breakout sessions to lunchtime discussions, you'll have ample opportunities to connect with peers and industry leaders.

Interactive Breakout Mastermind Sessions

Engage in smaller group discussions, or "masterminds," where you'll collaborate with like-minded peers to tackle challenges, share successes, and brainstorm innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Culminating Party Boat Cruise

End the event on a high note with a sunset cruise on the bay, complete with drinks, appetizers, and unforgettable networking opportunities.

Join us at The Home Care Champions Experience and experience a conference like no other – where learning, connection, and growth collide to propel your business and life to new heights.

Your Host

On a mission as the founder of Digital Champions, Nick Bonitatibus is dedicated to helping home care organizations implement social media and video marketing strategies to generate consistent leads and brand awareness.

Since 2016 years, Nick has been helping thousands of companies all over the country to improve their online presence with his digital marketing techniques. With the ever-changing digital world, Nick strives to deliver the newest and most up to date trends to his audience and clients.

Highlighted Topics

Home Care Brand Mastery: How To Increase Sales, Generate More Referrals, and Attract Top Caregivers in a Digital Age

Home Care Brand Mastery discusses insights into boosting sales, increasing referrals, and streamlining caregiver recruitment in the digital age. The focus includes effective strategies for building a strong online brand, a simple framework for lead generation, and guidance on differentiation from competitors. Attendees will discover a versatile tool for caregiver hiring and learn how to establish themselves as the Go-To Expert in their territory, building credibility. The presentation concludes with a practical strategy to enhance referrals from industry partners, offering a succinct approach to mastering home care branding in the digital era.

How To Build A Caregiver Recruitment Irresistible Offer

Recruitment and retention continues to get more and more difficult. Many organizations are seeking to do the same thing as everyone else. But if you're doing the same as everyone else, why should they choose you? In this presentation you will learn the digital messaging and marketing techniques to increase applicants online and keep them around longer by doing things differently!

Connect, Convert, Thrive: Maximizing Home Care Sales and Referrals on LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to be one of the most underutilized platforms in the home care industry. It is by far the best social media tool to build strong relationships with industry partners and referral sources. In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to build a strong Linked In profile, the simple steps to building your network, and how to drive more referrals.

Camera Confidence for Home Care Leaders: Creating Videos that Boost Caregiver Retention

As a home care business owner, developing your on-screen presence is essential for creating engaging video content that supports and retains your caregiving team. In this interactive workshop, learn practical tips to become more confident and effective on camera. Discover how consistent, compelling video resources can enhance caregiver engagement, improve training, and ultimately increase retention rates within your agency.

Mastering Email Marketing: Unlock Hidden Potential in Home Care

Unlock the often-underutilized power of email marketing in the home care industry with our streamlined session. Learn how integrating simple yet effective email strategies can enhance your outreach to referral sources, clients, and caregivers alike. Join us to discover practical tips for crafting compelling campaigns that not only connect but also significantly boost your overall marketing efforts.

AI Assistants: Transforming Home Care with Your Digital Twin

Explore the revolutionary potential of artificial intelligence in the home care industry with our insightful session on AI assistants. Learn how creating AI versions of yourself can streamline operations, enhance communication, and free up time for core business activities. This presentation will guide home care agency owners through practical steps to integrate AI technology into their daily practices, making business processes faster and more efficient. Discover how to embrace and implement these digital solutions to not only improve operational efficiency but also provide better support to caregivers and clients alike.

More Topics To Be Announced!

Highlighted Speakers

Steve The Hurricane Weiss

President and CEO, Home Care Evolution

Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss is a dynamic and entertaining public speaker, celebrated for his expertise in sales and marketing. Since founding Hurricane Marketing Enterprises in 2012, Steve has been dedicated to aiding global business owners in increasing their census, revenue, and profits. His engaging presentations and training programs have empowered thousands to expand their organizations and outpace the competition.

With a relentless drive and proven strategies, Steve has crafted a foolproof program that accelerates start-up success and catalyzes significant growth in established businesses. His clients often experience a doubling or even tripling of their annual revenue within just six months, testament to the effectiveness of his methods.

Clinton Nobles

Founder and CEO, Home Care Ops

Clint Nobles started his business career at the early age of seven selling address labels to business owners. His motto was “You’re work just got a lot easier and you didn’t even know that was going to happen today”. Over 30 years later he still has that same enthusiasm and the same mission…. to help people operate their businesses better. With over 20 years of business development and management experience, in his role as Operational Methodologist, he has helped major and national corporations across multiple industries refine and perfect their operational structures.

As the founder and CEO of Home Care Ops, Clint uses his corporate knowledge and business expertise to revolutionize Care Agencies across the nation by teaching them to create duplicatable systems and operational strategies. Clint is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and author. His latest work, “The Point of Action” teaches leaders and owners alike how to take true control over their business and success.

Jessica Nobles

Executive Director, Home Care Ops

With over a decade of Private Duty Home Care leadership and knowledge, Jessica Nobles worked her way up through every position from Caregiver, Operations Coordinator, Franchise Developer, and Independent Agency Owner. As the founder and operator of Nobility Care Solutions, she grew her revenue to six figures within the first year of business through grassroots marketing, creative community engagements, and referral partnerships. She is also the Executive Administrator for Home Care Ops where she coaches, consults, and empowers other home care owners and operators to create operational systems and strategies that build lasting business success and consistently increases revenue.

Sarah Barker

Owner, Senior Sales Solutions

Sarah Barker, a military veteran and current member of the Tennessee Army National Guard, has been a prominent figure in the senior care industry since 2012. She initially worked as a marketer for both independently owned and franchise home care agencies before founding Connect Our Elders, LLC in 2020. This advisory level referral agency aids home care agencies, care managers, and placement professionals by recommending pre-vetted agencies through a unique 6 Step Advisory Process, serving as an independent sales force within the continuum of care.

In the same year, Sarah also established Senior Care Sales Solutions, which includes the Senior Care Sales Solutions Academy and the Connect Forward Training program. These initiatives provide ongoing education, strategic support, and coaching to empower home care agency owners and marketers. Her approach enhances activities that increase referrals and revenue, driven by her mission to "Redefine How Senior Care Professionals SERVE Referral Partners and Families" and a philosophy of empowering aging.

Jennifer J. Ramos, CEPA

Jennifer J. Ramos is the CEO and Founder of JR3 Consulting Group, a distinguished firm dedicated to helping business owners achieve financial freedom. With over 20 years of experience in the health care and senior care industry, Jennifer is both a Certified Value Builder Advisor and a Certified Exit Planning Advisor through the Exit Planning Institute.

Jennifer's journey as a successful business owner has been marked by her deep understanding of the intimate nature of business ownership. She recognizes that a business is an extension of its owner and values the dedication and hard work invested in it. Through JR3 Consulting Group, Jennifer aims to ensure that business owners not only reap the rewards of their efforts during their tenure but also enjoy lasting benefits well after transitioning from their business.

Her expertise lies in crafting tailored strategies that empower business owners to maximize their enterprise's value and secure their financial futures. Jennifer's approach is comprehensive, combining practical financial advice with a deep appreciation for the personal and emotional aspects of business ownership. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to foster meaningful connections with her clients have made her a trusted advisor in the industry.

Nelson Nectoux

Owner, NXT

Nelson Nectoux is an expert in SaaS Sales, bringing a wealth of experience from Silicon Valley's top tech companies and rapidly growing startups. With a robust background in the tech industry, Nelson has developed a reputation for his strategic use of artificial intelligence to drive business growth and enhance productivity. As a leader in the field, Nelson has successfully navigated the complexities of SaaS environments, implementing innovative sales strategies that have consistently delivered outstanding results. His expertise extends beyond traditional sales techniques, incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies to streamline processes, optimize performance, and achieve significant revenue growth.

Nelson is also a highly sought-after speaker, known for his engaging presentations and deep insights into the future of technology-driven sales. His ability to translate complex AI concepts into practical applications has helped countless businesses unlock their potential and stay ahead of the competition. With a passion for mentoring and a commitment to excellence, Nelson has inspired many professionals in the industry to embrace new technologies and adopt forward-thinking approaches to sales. His contributions to the tech community and his dedication to fostering innovation make him a standout figure in the world of SaaS Sales.

See What Other Home Care Business Owners Have Said...

“Nick knows home care very well and it shows.”

Catherina Bertaina, Colonial Home Care Services

“I am very impressed with his knowledge in the home care industry. He gets it and understands home care. He is very engaging, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.”

Debbie Humphrey, Home Helpers Home Care

“Nick's knowledge in the home care industry is extensive and not only was this a big factor on hiring him but his genuine desire to bring value to those he serves and level of dedication.”

Ryan Fensler, Touching Hearts At Home

“He helps with keeping current on trends and the changing landscape of things digital. He's engaging, relative and fun.”

Lisa Fausey, Home Helpers Home Care

“Not only is Nick extremely well versed in his craft of digital marketing, he is just an all around awesome individual to work with. He takes his knowledge and influences, motivates, and supports the end goal you are trying to reach.”

Paul Orlando, Right At Home

“Nick is a very strong coach and adds value to our Home Care business. He is an industry expert that is invaluable to helping us deliver best in class care. He is also a very strong speaker that demands attention and enthusiasm.”

Phil Nunn, Home Helpers Home Care

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How Long Is The Home Care Champions Experience?

2 Full days. Approximately 9am - 4pm . There will be a boat cruise at the end of day 2 from around 4-6pm.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes, all attendees will have the opportunity to access the recording of the core content. However, there will be no recordings of the breakout sessions and exercises.

Can I Bring A Guest?

Each attendee will need their own individual ticket.

What Is The Refund Policy?

There is no refund policy. Ticket sales are final. If for some reason you cannot attend, you could receive credit to a future event or services with Digital Champions.


The Point

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San Diego, CA 92109

MVP Partner


Many home care businesses find it challenging to manage their operations because they use several software platforms to run various segments of their businesses. This is where SwyftOps comes in. SwyftOps offers customers a software platform that allows them to easily manage their daily activities.

This home care software solution enables agencies large and small to streamline their processes and make their operations flow as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

Peak Performance Partner

Ascension Business Solutions, LLC

At Ascension Business Solutions, LLC, we provide Virtual Assistants (VAs) that can help your home care organization streamline operations while benefiting from significant cost savings. Our highly specialized VAs are home care experts in recruiting, scheduling, after-hours on-call services, or can act as an executive assistant to you as the owner. By leveraging our VAs, you could see an average of 61% in savings by cutting down on overhead costs.

Overall, you can benefit from high-quality support, reduced workload on your current staff, improved productivity, and ultimately drive business growth. Ready to take your home care business to the next level? Don't wait—start reaping the benefits of Virtual Assistants today!

All-Star Partners

Elevation Marketing

Elevation Marketing assists businesses in emerging as top contenders in their markets by providing high-quality branding and promotional materials. The company prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all things marketing. Elevation Marketing creates effectiveness by developing a cohesive brand image, maximizing exposure, and fostering consistent consumer engagement through multiple channels.

24/7 Coastal Contact

24/7 Coastal Contact was founded to specifically solve the problem that home care providers are experiencing when trying to support their business after-hours or even answering phones during the day. Their services will bring you peace of mind and prevent employee burnout. They will assign an ongoing dedicated team to your home care agency; this team will get to know your clients, caregivers, and the unique intricacies of your business.

They are not a call center! They are revolutionizing after-hours home care by providing continuous, uninterrupted, and uncompromising personnel management. They provide relief from the administrative burden that can result in worker burnout, decreased worker retention, and decreased quality of care.

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